Welcome to the Perfect Scream Bulldog kennel's website,

My name is Melinda Szabo, I live in Hungary near to the lake Balaton. Although I've always loved dogs, I only met bulldogs first time in 2008 when our first adult female arrived to us. The more I knew her, the more I fell in love with this wonderful breed, so I decided to start breeding bulldogs. I established the Perfect Scream kennel, and my first litter was born in 2009.

I was soon captivated by the dog shows' atmosphere too and I became a regular exhibitor both in Hungary and in the neighboring countries.
Besides my dogs look like, their health is extremly important for me, so I chose the founding dogs in my kennel and do my job as a breeder in this spirit.

You can find further informations of my dogs in their own menu.

Wish you a nice time while browsing our website,
"Perfect Scream Bulldogs Team